Opportunities and variety of technologies

Large format printing

Large format printing allows printing of large format advertising materials such as billboards, cars, shop windows, banners, flags and more. Extremely visible and engaging, this type of messages are able to present your image and your message, therefore the image quality, accuracy and vibrant colors are essential for the printing of advertising materials that size.

Taking into consideration the specifics of this type of advertising we are ready to offer you originality and a powerful message and the proper execution of the final product, including finishing and assembly. In order to fully satisfy your needs and produce designs for static and mobile advertisement according to the type and focus of your ad.

Opportunities and variety of technologies

Digital printing

Digital printing is a technology that allows direct transfers of images from a computer file to a physical medium; paper or other printable media. It is increasingly becoming more popular in the field of printing technology, enabling printing of small editions, including single items printed instantaneously, on the most commonly used in offset printing materials with virtually no compromise in quality.

If you need copies of printed material that is too few copies and therefore offset printing is expensive, this is where digital printing technology finds application. The biggest advantage is very short time for printing and the ability for frequent visual interpretations without the necessary use of excess funds for high circulation, which at that time you may not need.

You need business cards, menus, invitations, conference materials, flyers, posters up to A3 and fast? We can prepare the desired project or work with your existing one, as we execute guarantee print quality of the media and promptly, including the necessary finishing.

Opportunities and variety of technologies

Offset printing

Offset printing is the most common printing technic, characterized by low production costs and allowing high-quality printing on different types of paper and cardboard, including: 90 to 350gr. gloss and matt, self-adhesive paper, packaging, embossed and other special paper and paperboard.

Do you need an introduction to a wide target group of your products and services through printed advertisement? Here is the place for offset printing, due to the high quality that offers at low cost, it is suitable for medium and high volume print brochures, catalogs, flyers, letterheads, folders, calendars, packaging and more.

The team of Elfi can offer you a professional design for your promotional materials from which, your company or organization would be able to benefit greatly.