Opportunities and variety of technologies

Printing and Engraving souvenirs

To intrigue your business partners and potential clients you can take advantage of a variety of souvenirs and accessories for your corporate promotions, conferences or just a personal attention to your customers. Laser engraving and screen-printing will be of benefit to business signs, nameplates, corporate clothing, uniform and more.

One of most advanced technology for printing on hard surfaces is the use of UV light to cure the inks. Recently Elfi acquired Mimaki UJF-3042FX – one of the leaders in this new technology. Since LEDs do not create heat, full-color printing is possible on virtually any surface, including materials that are sensitive to heat, such as rubber, wood, leather and more.

Using original photographs and graphic images for souvenirs and personal accessories, allowing personalization, which can pleasantly surprise customers and those whom you would wish to gift an attractive souvenir to. Full color printing on various materials gives a huge advantage over the standard screen and pad printing gives originality and identity, which creates exceptional experiences.