Opportunities and variety of technologies

Exhibition stands

You need more width to advertise your business and your products? One particularly effective and proven profitable approach is featuring products in exhibitions and fairs. Contacts with potential and current clients, future partners or those already established in your partnership relations, an opportunity to compare your achievements with those of your competitors – trade fairs give you a unique opportunity to do everything in one place and in a fairly short period of time.

For this purpose, you need an original stand designed in accordance with your corporate identity, where you can make your business contacts as if you were in your own office.

Elfi has professionals who can design and produce 3D visualization of your necessary equipment, complying with any host or personal requirements for size and location. We can prepare, produce, deliver, and assemble/ disassembled before and after your participation, completely hassle free so you can concentrate on the important part if the event.

Opportunities and variety of technologies

Facades and Advertising


One of the largest projects in the field of advertisements the development of complete facades and advertising structures in which the difference between architecture and advertising becomes almost inconspicuous. The essential point is that the facade with advertising structure can clearly bring a message of your business or product, which contributes to your image and shows the seriousness and commitment of your company or organization.

To this type of advertising should be exercised with due care and professionalism, as it is already implemented, has long lasting impact.

Our team at Elfi, can prepare an individual design and 3D visualization and after approval of the preliminary design to execute the subsequent design, fabricate and installation. During the entire process, our customers can rely on ongoing consultation and personal attention by our experts.

Opportunities and variety of technologies

Illuminated signs

The Identity of a store, office or other commercial or industrial site is determined mainly by illuminating or other advertisement signs mounted on the facade or other suitable place. Great opportunities for visual presentation is a proper choice of materials and design turn into illuminated advertising sign, which becomes an intermediary between you and the end-user.

The attractive design and unusual layout are a must to stand out your illuminate, powerful advertising above others in the modern competitive environment. Professional design and manufacture advertising sign will certainly attract the eyes of potential customers and thus effectively will foster individuality and effective messages for your business.

We have professionals who can prepare preliminary design and complete manufacture and installation process of various luminous and voluminous advertising totems, POS, and POV rigs and more.