I experience difficulties when I am filing up the contact form?
If you have difficulties or confusion what field to use, you can simply the description portion. Someone from Elfi will replay promptly and guide you to right selection in our form.
I am in need a logo?
Logo is a first step in the creation of a company identity. It is the beginning, which establishes guidelines for the development of your line of sight. Company, who has its own logo is perceived much more seriously by its customers and partners.
Does Elfi examine and make estimate before branding?
When convenient for you appointment is established, a team member will meet you, take the appropriate measurements and capture images.
It is also possible to work with measurements provided by the client but not recommended.
How is the price for design been calculated?
The price for design is solely estimated on the product needed. Since the range of design services that we offer is vast and unique for every client, we cannot provide exact prices for the whole range of products. We require more information for printed products - type, size, pages, need pictures, original illustrations, etc. Logo - number of proposals, illustration or development of print.
Custom designs are needed serious analysis because they are unique and cannot be unified price.Be sure Elfi thrives to bring more than competitive prices with no compromise in quality.
How can get my vehicle branded at Elfi?
For the branding of a car, it is necessary to pre-prepare accurate project with specific dimensions. If you do not have one we will produce it according to your requirements. After approval of the project a date and place for branding is arranged, and preparation and producing of your stickers begins.
Why do we need cars to be branded with automotive PVC film?
It is recommended that the branding of the car to be made with specially developed film. It adheres permanently take on the shape of the car and is durable over time.